Sunday, July 6, 2014

Happiness is the best food

Are you happy with your life now? Is your happiness depends on other people? 

If your answer to both question is yes and yes. You better think twice and if your answer is no and no have some reflection in your life.
Oh!! What should be the answer? Well, let me share with a story.

There was a young man who is very hungry and because of that situation he finds a way to have food. He doesn't have money to buy anthyting. 

Upon on his way he saw a house and he ask for food

When he get inside an old young lady appeard. So, he directly seek for help and ask for food. Without any doubt the old woman serve him food. 

But the old woman said something. Boy, you can only eat the food I prepared  if you let me hit you with my stick 5 times in your head. 

If you are the hungry in the middle of somewhere what should you do? Will you be happy? Or will you be mad? Are you going to get out or continue even if someone will going to hurt you.

What is your answer? If you are still thinking let me go back to my first question. Are you happy now? If your're answer is yes then you are a person that has full of courage and wisdom because you're goal of finding food has come. But in your journey you have series of challenges and obstacle and that is other people that will hurt you. Though you have reached that destination you may be hurt and someone will pull you down. But will you allow them to hurt you? Are you the type of person who is independent to others and always think what they say. If they say something bad about you or do something which makes you feel irritated. Does your happiness suddenly changed? 

Well I say to you the answer. Do not allow other people to ruin you happiness. Continue on the path you want to cross and eat that food but allow yourself to be protected. Either physical protection or emotional protection. You can eat the food even if they will hurt but be strong emotionally. Or you may go out to that situation physically. Both descisions are not bad. Its your choice and your choice will lead you to happiness.

Keep your heart, mind and soul to be good always and as long as you didn't step on others you are way better than those people who thinks nothing but themselves.

Being happy is a choice. Try everyday to give smiles to 10 persons and eventually it will return back to you.

"The best way to live a happy life is to give happiness to other even at your darkest hours"~marsh~