Thursday, February 12, 2015

What's the best gift you can give?

I want to share this because it's worth it. It was almost four months since i stopped writing but something happened today and I decided to write again.

One of the best day of my life is hearing someone you love the most saying the most wonderful words to you infront of everybody (I love You) I was speechless and super kilig. My face is like a tomato. A wonderful moment that I could share to my grandchildren. <3 

You're worst day can be your best day of your life. Surround yourself with positivity and goodness. Be a better person instead. Always wear that smiles. 

Valentines don't happen once but it's everyday. The best gift you can give is love. 

I love you so much. 

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Happiness is the best food

Are you happy with your life now? Is your happiness depends on other people? 

If your answer to both question is yes and yes. You better think twice and if your answer is no and no have some reflection in your life.
Oh!! What should be the answer? Well, let me share with a story.

There was a young man who is very hungry and because of that situation he finds a way to have food. He doesn't have money to buy anthyting. 

Upon on his way he saw a house and he ask for food

When he get inside an old young lady appeard. So, he directly seek for help and ask for food. Without any doubt the old woman serve him food. 

But the old woman said something. Boy, you can only eat the food I prepared  if you let me hit you with my stick 5 times in your head. 

If you are the hungry in the middle of somewhere what should you do? Will you be happy? Or will you be mad? Are you going to get out or continue even if someone will going to hurt you.

What is your answer? If you are still thinking let me go back to my first question. Are you happy now? If your're answer is yes then you are a person that has full of courage and wisdom because you're goal of finding food has come. But in your journey you have series of challenges and obstacle and that is other people that will hurt you. Though you have reached that destination you may be hurt and someone will pull you down. But will you allow them to hurt you? Are you the type of person who is independent to others and always think what they say. If they say something bad about you or do something which makes you feel irritated. Does your happiness suddenly changed? 

Well I say to you the answer. Do not allow other people to ruin you happiness. Continue on the path you want to cross and eat that food but allow yourself to be protected. Either physical protection or emotional protection. You can eat the food even if they will hurt but be strong emotionally. Or you may go out to that situation physically. Both descisions are not bad. Its your choice and your choice will lead you to happiness.

Keep your heart, mind and soul to be good always and as long as you didn't step on others you are way better than those people who thinks nothing but themselves.

Being happy is a choice. Try everyday to give smiles to 10 persons and eventually it will return back to you.

"The best way to live a happy life is to give happiness to other even at your darkest hours"~marsh~

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Power of Positivity

"Laughter can create a lightness out of a heavy or negative situation. One good belly laugh is all it takes too; humor is contagious. One funny, happy person in a group can create a roomful of happy people." This is what I've read in an article from 101 Habits of Happy Living.

Do you have habits of being happy? Do you have a descision that today is a happy day?

Being happy is a key to positivity. He are the top 4 habit of being positive or shall I say being happy.

1. Be thankful everyday
Thanking little things what you have is great habit of a person. If we think everyday that you are still alive and think everyday as if it's your last day it's the best to start a day.

It doesn't take a year, a month or a week to be thankful but everyday. Give thanks for your blessings everyday.

Sometimes we feel insecure why other people have this and have that and why I don't have? So, if you always compare yourself to others you will miss good little things that come your way. If your are  focus on what you’re thankful for, you can certainly expect to be more thankful in the future.

2. Be Generous
How can you be generous? Generosity is an act. It may material things or not as long as it gives joy to you and to someone you cared for. 

Try being polite by saying 'good morning my friend' and smile. Believe me it can lighten your day and to person as well. 

 Just like law of attraction "if you do good, good things will come your way".

Let us be like Jesus and generous enough to give His life to save us. Psalm 33:5 "He loves righteous and justice. The earth is full of loving kindness of the Lord"

But you don't have to do the same and commit suicide to show our love. But being generous of what you have and share to the people who needed them the most is the key. You can give your time, lend your hand, your smile, your talent, your skills and your hugs, these are only few sample things you can give.

3. Take time to laugh
"Laughter can create a lightness out of a heavy or negative situation. One good belly laugh is all it takes too; humor is contagious. One funny, happy person in a group can create a roomful of happy people." Right? 

Despite the hardships in life it should not stop you from laughing. If you're loved ones is grieving because he lost something or someone cheer them and let them understand the power of laughter. 

You can turn painful situation through laughter. If you can find humor in every aspect of your life you will survive anything that comes your way.

4. Forgive
One of the most painful things we experienced is when someone we really love the most hurt us. Do you know how good is to forgive? It's not just being good but excellent method of healing and that healing is a step of positivity and happiness. 

But is it good to revenge? Yes, its good but that revenge should be positive like you stay beautiful, good person and show how great you were. 

First forgive yourself and second the people who manage to break your heart. Embrace the past whole heartedly and let go by accepting every inch of what God has planned. Do not let your past ruin your present and your future. 

Sometimes it's difficult but it's a poweful act since it free's you from grudges. 

"I am happy and that's my choice" 
~Marsh Villaceran~

Thursday, June 5, 2014

How to mend a broken heart?

Our heart beats about 100,000 times in one day and about 35 million times in a year. During an average lifetime, the human heart will beat more than 2.5 billion times. 

The heart is located almost in the center of the chest, between the lungs. And, it's the most important organs in the human body.

Sometimes we tend to tell ourselves that mending a broken heart is never easy. We declare in our hearts that there's no quick step to stop from hurting. Have you experienced being so self-pity? 

Let me share with you how to patched up when things go wrong. God is so good, as He allow us to experience the pain for us to grow a better person.
Stop loving isn’t an option. Author Henri Nouwen writes, “When those you love deeply reject you, leave you, or die, your heart will be broken. But that should not hold you back from loving deeply. The pain that comes from deep love makes your love ever more fruitful.”

Here are the things on how to mend a broken heart.

1. Create a new world
If before you have a routine that both of you are doing try to obsolete those and create a new world. Saying no to common friends is a great start. Creating new world is doing things differently. If both of you go lunch together this time go lunch with your friends or change your eating time. 

Detach yourself with that person emotionally or physically. If you guys are officemates be professional and only discuss with work related matters. Create new things, new routine, new stuff to be done without him.

2. Finding a new you
Do you have a dream? Go grab that dream. If you fond of wearing pants try to find a new you. Wear skirts and formal attires. This will enhance your confidence. Finding a new you does'nt really mean you hide the old you but it just simply means putting and picking the pisces that was broken. Do something for yourself and have a twist. Do not impressed and pleased everybody. Finding new stuff is just being yourself.

3. Be a blessing to others
Doing things for others will mend a broken heart. I tell you it's effective and it will give you meaning and purpose why you have to go through things. If someone is strugling the same pain as yours and you lend your hands towards them believe pain will miracously go away.  Listen to their problems and heartaches and it will boast your heart in gladness. Feeling differently is definitely guaranteed.

4. Laugh until you cry
Watch comedy movies, adventure and laugh until you cry. Healing a broken heart is simply smiling even at your worst. You need to manage to carry yourself. My friends always give time with me and same with them as well. Talk to your friends about funny stuffs until morning. 

5. Holding onto hope
Hope is not trying to attempt to find someone to fill in the emptiness. Or trying to win his or her back again. But hope is that one day things will fall into its proper places. Love until you are ready. Love and wait for someone who truly deserve your love. 

6. Gather your strengths
Your greatest asset is yourself. Inorder for you to stay strong and manage things orderly list down all your strength as this will help you get through things.

If your strength is making others smile do it in a daily basis. Suddenly the pain in your heart will be converted to happiness. List top 10 of your inner and outer strenght will do. You cried before and others may judge you and forsake you but pull back and regain by doing things better. 

7. Spend quality time with yourself
Being alone doesn't mean your lonely. It's an opportunity of every individual to know her and his personality better.Travelling by yourself is effective and you'll see how tough you are being independent. If you learn to have quality time with yourself the more you understand other people. 

There was one time I went somewhere else by myself it was an accomplishment, that I can do travel and have vacation by myself. 

Stop blaming yourself or him. Just think that it's part of God's plan. If something closes another one opens for bigger opportunity. Everything happens for a reason. It's not that easy but we need to be strong and move forward as life is beautiful.

8. Have Faith in God
Lastly, having faith will definitely mend a broken heart. He has plan for us and all we need to do is wait in His time.

When you are in a hurry the tendency is we missed something. Have you noticed that? Probably you experienced that thing. I'm 29 years old now but I have Faith in God so if your hurting God will heal that wound in your heart. Whatever uour coming through God has His Ways. Trust in Him.

"Prayer is not asking. It is a longing of the soul. It is daily admission of one's weakness. It is better in prayer to have a heart without words than words without a heart."

Monday, June 2, 2014

How do you transform the day you don't like in a week?

"Ohh! It's Monday again" have you tell yourself or friends about it? Or you say comm'n Friday again, report again? 

If your answer is yes. (Sigh) I emphatize you because I used to have that complaints. But as years go by I've realized, I'm so blessed and I don't have to say things like this. Because you know why? 

Before I answer your questions here are the things that made me realize.

1. Everyday is a blessing
Everyday individual has talent given by God. He chose you because he believes and consider you a blessing. I remember when I so much down and I have my choice was to really give up. But my family, true friends and God were there for me. Showed me the support and encouragement. Believe it or not it's suddenly change because I know I'm a blessing and so everyday is a blessing that we need yo look forward.

Try to find positive things around you and surround yourself with that. You'll feel great. Forgive the people that hurts you most even they don't know that they did break your heart. They can be your family, friends and even someone special. We are human beings and bound for mistakes. 

2. Life is Beautiful
This morning someone told me she hates Monday. Then I asked why? She just told me it's just like I have a vacation hangover and don't feel like working. Since I applied lesson number 1, I told her about my weapon. I said, you know what I really lool forward everyday Monday because, it's my "outfit day". I make sure I'm fashionable and change the idea that it's Monday again. Also, it's feast day I used to go to SM to listen to God's word inspired by Bro. Bo Sanchez.  Please try to convert the negative thoughts into positive thoughts.

3. Living Its Day As If It's Your Last Day
When I was in collegethe first book gift I received was "Purpose Driven life". it was given by someone close to me and he traveled all the way from Iligan just to give  it to me personally. 

I knew the book when in highschool but having your own book it's different. Sometimes my day was wasted so as I think how this book emphasize the importance of the message even I'm down I'll smile to other people. 

Numbers 1,2 and 3 are the reasons why.

"Beacause I am Blessed! I am blessing the world"
~Bo Sanchez~

Friday, May 30, 2014

Someone Better Will Come To You

Sometimes in our life some people has to go. The're two things we always say and ask ourselves; we are doing it because its the right thing and second we just want to be happy? Doing the right is more than being happy because love is an action that you have to show. If the right thing will make things better then go ahead. If someone asks you "oe, you look great when is your wedding?" And you answered with a smile. Have your encountered that? You don't know what's your response. Let me share to you what's the best response.

1. Take It Positively
-a smile will do and try to answer that "in God's time. I'm excited actually and you can see in my smile." 

Eventually, He definitely come without you noticing. Remember only you have the permission to do all things. Do not search but instead wait. "Someone better will come into your life"

2. Be a Blessing
How I will be a blessing? Answer that person by sharing what blessings you received." I have full of love which I'm about to share with other people and for now it's more than enough". 

It take someone to have courage to love someone. God has given us that power to do so. Someone is worthy of your love and don't be afraid. You deserve someone better. "Someone better will come into your life".

3. God's Plan
We all have plans and goals in life. If things don't fall in the right time and place step back and relax. "Someone better will come into your life".

There's no victory if you don't feel the defeat. Don't hate that much because it's a burden to bear. Loosen up and remember God is with us and let's have faith in Him.

Sometime we are busy looking for someone because of many reasons. But sometimes, we are just looking at ourselves to complete us. Only you can complete puzzle of your life.

"Believe and have faith in yourself. Only you is the greatest assest and no one can take it from you. And when you least expect it, he will come into your life. Someone better will come into your life"

Honing Your Greatest Strength

Honing your greatest strength is "discovering yourself". 

There are hundreds of words list to be chosen, and which of those words are your strenghts?

You may also ask people to describe one word which they think is your strength. 

Let me share with you the book I've read about finding personal path to success, it elaborates the our greatest strength embodies the activity you have most been all your life. Example, in an activity you are given a chance to chose the strength what will that be? In my case I'm into leadership and event organizing. So, for me I need to hone that since it's in me. Have you tried doing it? If yes, let me tell you it sounds different right? 

Honing your greatest strength is your asset. The best asset is 'yourself'. I remember my classmate in kindergarten, until highschool but not in my elementary years his strength is reading. And he used that as an advantage and now he is  already a lawyer. 

If you're good in drwaing show to the world then start drawing. If you're into interior design start by decorating your own room and your house.

"The desire to fulfill the purpose for which we were created is a gift from God" 
A. W Tozer