Friday, May 30, 2014

Honing Your Greatest Strength

Honing your greatest strength is "discovering yourself". 

There are hundreds of words list to be chosen, and which of those words are your strenghts?

You may also ask people to describe one word which they think is your strength. 

Let me share with you the book I've read about finding personal path to success, it elaborates the our greatest strength embodies the activity you have most been all your life. Example, in an activity you are given a chance to chose the strength what will that be? In my case I'm into leadership and event organizing. So, for me I need to hone that since it's in me. Have you tried doing it? If yes, let me tell you it sounds different right? 

Honing your greatest strength is your asset. The best asset is 'yourself'. I remember my classmate in kindergarten, until highschool but not in my elementary years his strength is reading. And he used that as an advantage and now he is  already a lawyer. 

If you're good in drwaing show to the world then start drawing. If you're into interior design start by decorating your own room and your house.

"The desire to fulfill the purpose for which we were created is a gift from God" 
A. W Tozer

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