Saturday, May 24, 2014

5 things Single Women Should do after the Break-up

Are you now single? No ring on your finger, and no strings attached? If the answer is yes, this information will help you. I believe several tips are available in different sites on what a women should consider if she's now single. This blog is my own experience which helped me a lot, coping with my break-up with the person I love. 

1. Love and Give Time for Yourself
Did you love him that much? If yes it's time to step back and by doing that loving yourself will help you though. You've done your part already and have time for yourself. By simply doing things you love most. Give attention to yourself. Simply going to salon for hair spa, foot spa, facial wash is an act of loving yourself. 

If people ask you why? Why you broke up all you have to do is just smile because you don't owe them an explanation. Continue what you love most by spending quality time with yourself. It is a key to happiness. 

2. Find a new Hobby and Travel
Have you tried doing something new when you are together? Probably yes and no. If you give yourself a chance to discover what the world can offer everything will fall into place. Try doing something new like football or organize a club this will help develop your passion. One day you realize that's why things may end up since another opportunity opens. If you can't travel by yourself call your friend to accompany you. Capture the moment with the mother nature and you'll see how beautiful nature can be. If money is an issue go to place nearby that you've never visited before.

3. Focus on Your Carrer and Dreams
If your relationship was not successful be successful in other aspect in life. Focusing in your dreams may be easier and doesn't hurt. Your personality development and maturity will grow as you are about to set things aside of your own. It's okay to cry twice but stop the third time. Instead of dwelling on the mistakes learn from it and make it inspiration to let go. Invest in a stock market, write a book, organize a wedding, compose a song are only fews dreams you may want to achieve. Focus on it and start today.

4. Let go and don't look back
Let it go as the song goes and focus on your journey in life. Your destiny lies in your own hands. Youn may feel the pain until it hurts no more. But enough is enough. Stop crying and thinking about him just move forward and never look back. If things meant to happen it has a reason. That's for you to ponder. Letting go is setting yourself free and allowing your strength to nourish.

 If love is magic make it uplift your persona to conquer whatever challenges you encounter. Breaking up is not that easy but if you decide to move forward a month, a weeks or even a day you can do that. Everything happens for a reason.

5. Pray, Pray and Pray
The power of praying is true. It allows you to forgive and by doing that your life will be easier that you can never imagine how you did things. As they say women are too weak in break-up but the truth women are stronger. We are strong because the power of prayer conquer our battleship towards our success. God give us strength to be strong. If you pray and ask God's grace you will be amazed how great your feeling now. God is always within us let's just open our hearts as He want us to be a strong woman. 

Only yourself is your only enemy not him and the people around you. All you have to do is yo wait for God's plan.

"Remember always that you have not only the right to become an individual, you have an obligation to be one. You cannot make any useful contribution in life unless you do this"
~ Eleonor Roosevelt~

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