Tuesday, May 27, 2014

How To Overcome Anger?

How often times you get angry a day? Probably once or even twice.  

Anger is a negative emotions which used improperly. But did you know it can be used properly and consider working it to be good.

How to evercome anger? There are five strategies we need to consider.

1. Avoid situations which causes stress
You may organize yourslef so you remove stressful situations. Avoid mañana habit so thay you dont'y need to rush things to complete your items.

2. Putting circumtances into perspective
When you feel your're drain or burnt out all you need is to stop and ask is being angry is worthy?

3. Learn to discipline your emotions
Set in your heart is keep your heart are in control. 

4. Vent your emotions so anger doesn't breed your heart
By doing things which are worth mentioning like, jogging, swimming, football. Other way is listening to music. Most importanly vent your negative emotions to God through parayers.

5. Act where you can change the stress-causing situations.

If things wont have any chances perhaps yourself (team) try to keep a worn- out item calm. At time change may be not applicable and set things right the first time.

"Life is a temporary assignment and live a life as if it's the last day" ~Rick Warren~

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