Friday, May 30, 2014

Someone Better Will Come To You

Sometimes in our life some people has to go. The're two things we always say and ask ourselves; we are doing it because its the right thing and second we just want to be happy? Doing the right is more than being happy because love is an action that you have to show. If the right thing will make things better then go ahead. If someone asks you "oe, you look great when is your wedding?" And you answered with a smile. Have your encountered that? You don't know what's your response. Let me share to you what's the best response.

1. Take It Positively
-a smile will do and try to answer that "in God's time. I'm excited actually and you can see in my smile." 

Eventually, He definitely come without you noticing. Remember only you have the permission to do all things. Do not search but instead wait. "Someone better will come into your life"

2. Be a Blessing
How I will be a blessing? Answer that person by sharing what blessings you received." I have full of love which I'm about to share with other people and for now it's more than enough". 

It take someone to have courage to love someone. God has given us that power to do so. Someone is worthy of your love and don't be afraid. You deserve someone better. "Someone better will come into your life".

3. God's Plan
We all have plans and goals in life. If things don't fall in the right time and place step back and relax. "Someone better will come into your life".

There's no victory if you don't feel the defeat. Don't hate that much because it's a burden to bear. Loosen up and remember God is with us and let's have faith in Him.

Sometime we are busy looking for someone because of many reasons. But sometimes, we are just looking at ourselves to complete us. Only you can complete puzzle of your life.

"Believe and have faith in yourself. Only you is the greatest assest and no one can take it from you. And when you least expect it, he will come into your life. Someone better will come into your life"

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