Saturday, May 24, 2014

What's Your Passion?

Do you know what's your passion? If your answer is no, you better think now and know that gift, interests, skills and talents within you.

When I was 6 years old, I want to be a teacher but when I reached 2nd year highschool, it was changed from teaching to engineering. I have changed my mind because I was inspired and challenged by Chemical Engineering. Since then, I focused my attention to Chemical Engineering and told my parents about it. During elementary and highschool, I was always elected as class president.  I knew by then that I love to lead and be a good example. 

Sometimes in our life, there are things we take for granted because we are too busy thinking about other things like, what will happen tomorrow? If we live a life everyday we can determine what's in it and if we do, we are one step closer of knowing what's our passion.

Let me share with you some questions for you to know your passion.

1. What are the things you love to do?
If you're answer is reading, travelling, playing tennis, writing and others, probably, that's your passion.  But if you're doing it because your friends are doing it also and you just want to fit in, think again and ask yourself, is this really for you? Have you tried playing badminton because it's the flavor of the month? How about biking? You bought bicycle because everyone else have it and you have to do same? If your answer is yes, it's definitely not you. You have been influenced to do it. It may be good and bad. It's good if you learn to love it and it's bad if you stop suddenly. 

The tendency of following what other people do is that, you are becoming inconsistent. Why? Because, if it's not what you really love to do, you'll eventually stop. All your investment (time, money, energy) will be put to waste because you can't sustain it. 

Go back and list down your passion. If it's drawing, get a pencil and paper and draw. If it is speaking, be a speaker in front of the public. Your passion will uplift your spirit and happiness is unexplainable by the end of the day.

2.  Have you discovered something about yourself? If your answer is yes, it's more easy to know your passion. 

Only you can discover your inner strength and only you can understand whatever you've been going through. You can't please everyone, right? So don't push too hard so that you'll be accepted by the society you want to fit in. 

Family, true friend and most all God are willing to accept whoever you are. If you're changing just because you want to be accepted, you will miss something in you and one day you'll regret. Let your desire and decision be your main focus. 

Why do we have to discover ourselves? If we do that, we will know how to respond in a certain situation and you will know how to protect yourself from despair. And if God is always with you, no one will harm you. Overcoming life's hurts are a lot easier. 

3. What do you want to achieve?
If you already know the answers of numbers 1 and 2, you are now finding your personal path to success. 

Transform your passion to make you successful in life. Achieving it is more easier because there's love, you know yourself and you know how to achieve it.

"Learn what you are and be such".

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