Sunday, May 25, 2014

How Your Emotions Work For You

"God made us with the capacity for emotions. Emotions were meant to help us process life in positve manner."This wonderful statement is from Gary Chapman. 

As what Gary emphasized emotions are designed to not control our lives, but to draw our attention to life. Let's have the positive emotions to have a happy life and let's have the negative emotions be our detection point if there's something we need attention.

"Nasa huli ang pagsisis" are you familiar with this tagalog quote? Have you experienced asking yourself "why did I do such thing? And now you looked back and regretted your descision and mistake. Again you ask yourself "why couldn't control emotions"?

What are the events in your life that changed your behavior? It may be anger, frustration, loneliness, stress and other negative thoughts. Give yourself a break and be acquainted with yourself it may take time but it's worth it. Understanding how emotions contributes with your behavior may help you and your first step of becoming a better person.

I'm a hot tempered person, I must admit. If I heard negative thoughts from others it made me upset. But realized this isn't beyond my control anymore. I tried to understand why? Because I don't like the way I feel and I feel bad about it. 

But according to Brother Bo's talk feel good about yourself and say it everday, declare it. Tell yourself "i'm very good, im terrific, i'm blessed and I make things happen.

"You're words creates reality"
~Bo Sanchez~

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