Monday, June 2, 2014

How do you transform the day you don't like in a week?

"Ohh! It's Monday again" have you tell yourself or friends about it? Or you say comm'n Friday again, report again? 

If your answer is yes. (Sigh) I emphatize you because I used to have that complaints. But as years go by I've realized, I'm so blessed and I don't have to say things like this. Because you know why? 

Before I answer your questions here are the things that made me realize.

1. Everyday is a blessing
Everyday individual has talent given by God. He chose you because he believes and consider you a blessing. I remember when I so much down and I have my choice was to really give up. But my family, true friends and God were there for me. Showed me the support and encouragement. Believe it or not it's suddenly change because I know I'm a blessing and so everyday is a blessing that we need yo look forward.

Try to find positive things around you and surround yourself with that. You'll feel great. Forgive the people that hurts you most even they don't know that they did break your heart. They can be your family, friends and even someone special. We are human beings and bound for mistakes. 

2. Life is Beautiful
This morning someone told me she hates Monday. Then I asked why? She just told me it's just like I have a vacation hangover and don't feel like working. Since I applied lesson number 1, I told her about my weapon. I said, you know what I really lool forward everyday Monday because, it's my "outfit day". I make sure I'm fashionable and change the idea that it's Monday again. Also, it's feast day I used to go to SM to listen to God's word inspired by Bro. Bo Sanchez.  Please try to convert the negative thoughts into positive thoughts.

3. Living Its Day As If It's Your Last Day
When I was in collegethe first book gift I received was "Purpose Driven life". it was given by someone close to me and he traveled all the way from Iligan just to give  it to me personally. 

I knew the book when in highschool but having your own book it's different. Sometimes my day was wasted so as I think how this book emphasize the importance of the message even I'm down I'll smile to other people. 

Numbers 1,2 and 3 are the reasons why.

"Beacause I am Blessed! I am blessing the world"
~Bo Sanchez~

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